Solar projects with SunEQ


Your central partner for every location and project approach

Our services

Benefit from our expertise in the holistic development, planning and financing of your solar system. We offer you a comprehensive service that takes your solar project from vision to reality.

Project development and planning

Develop and plan solar systems with us that are precisely tailored to your requirements.


Unlock the full potential of your solar investment with our flexible financing models.

Customized solutions

Benefit from customized solar solutions that are optimally adapted to each location and project approach.

Project development process

We navigate you through a structured development process that covers every detail from the initial idea to the final commissioning of your system.


Idea and securing land

The journey of your solar project starts with a vision and securing the right site. SunEQ helps you identify and secure the ideal site so that your solar project has a solid foundation.


PPA or EEG remuneration

Develop your solar project with the expertise of SunEQ, which offers customized solutions, whether through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or the feed-in tariff under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), to maximize the profitability and sustainability of your project.


Financing and participation

SunEQ structures and arranges the debt financing via its established network in the German and international banking market. The long-term equity capital is provided either by SunEQ or by co-investors. Long-term participation by you as a co-investor is possible.



The realization phase transforms your plans into tangible results. SunEQ stands for precise implementation that prioritizes quality, efficiency and adherence to deadlines in order to successfully connect your solar project to the grid.



SunEQ ensures professional operation that guarantees long-term optimized yields from the power plant.


Dismantling the solar park

After a long period of operation, SunEQ will also assist you with deconstruction to ensure that the area is returned to its original state in an environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with regulatory requirements, with a focus on sustainability and reuse of materials.